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    HGD型固定料斗混合機(HGD Series Blender)




    This equipment is mainly used in the solid dosageproduction procedure for mixing granules with powder,granules with granules and powder with powder. Itsmain advantages are: suitability for large batchprocesses, reliable mechanical resistance and stableoperation, consequently it is considered as the idealmixing equipment for pharmaceutical industry. It isalso widely used in chemical, foodstuff industries, etc.



    ◆混合均勻度達99%,裝料系數達80%- -80%。




    ◆Inner wall of the hopper is slippery easy to clean and has no dead angles. This machine can blend in fullyclosed state and make dust- free environment for production complying with GMP requirements.

    ◆Blending uniformity reaches up to 99% and the loading capacity quotient reaches between 50% and 80%.

    ◆Working parameters like mixing time and rotating speed can be set. With speed controlled by frequencyvariation this machine is stable and without vibration during start and shutdown.d. Feeding valve is equippedwith anti- misoperation device, easy to be removed and cleaned.

    技術參數(Technical paramenters)


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